Wiggy is a Bluetooth connected Piggybank that makes it easy to Set Tasks, Goals, and Sends Funds while teaching kids to learn how to earn money.

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  1. WiggyFun (verified owner)

    This was easy to set up. I bought two, and linked each profile for each of my kids to each piggy. You have to make sure to be in close range, and make sure each pig is turned off and back on again when it says. I only had one instance where it didn’t want to upload, so I restarted it and it worked. My kids love doing chores to get stars, they’ve even made their own goals to reach. The pigs are cute and you can shake them to hear how many “stars” or dollars they have earned.
    I don’t even have to bug them to brush their teeth anymore. You can set up recurring chores or one time chores as well for higher earnings. You must have some knowledge of how to work apps, play around with it a bit to get used to making a chore, and then them completing the task and you approving the completion in order for them to get the star or dollar.

  2. Brad Slotter (verified owner)

    My son loves this. It is so much fun and so much easier to get him to do tasks. And on a positive note parents don’t have to have funds to hand them right then because I know there are alot of times my son will do a task for $1 and all I have is a $5. He loves that it tells him when he’s gotten paid for doing a job and when he has new jobs available. He’s always asking are you sure you don’t have any other jobs for my pig? And it helps him know how close he is on his goal for whatever he is saving towards so you don’t constantly have to say how much they need still. Amazon Review

  3. Nicole W (verified owner)

    I have long looked for a way to motivate my kids to do chores. Since they are glued to their electronics, what better way than to make a tangible “toy” with an app to help them keep track. I love that I can add bonus “points” if they do something out of the ordinary or above and beyond. It has definitely got them on their toes a little more. I like the option of either money or points towards something. This makes it easier for my two kids to understand the value of what they are doing. Honestly with they had this when I was a kid!!

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