Wiggy is a Bluetooth connected Piggybank that makes it easy to Set Tasks, Goals, and Sends Funds while teaching kids to learn how to earn money.

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Wiggy is a fun way to teach kids how to save and earn.  With Wiggy’s easy to use app parents are able to create chores for their kids.  When the chores are completed and approved the credit is deposited into their Wiggy bank.  Wiggy keeps track of the kids savings and tells them when a new task needs to get done.


  1. Karen (verified owner)

    My daughter thinks this piggy bank is the cutest thing ever- not only does she use it with her phone to keep track of her money but she actually plays and cuddles with it!

  2. cssweezy

    Great item! My daughter named her Wanda and loves picking out prizes to work for. Everytime we add stars she wants to look at the green bar to see how close to the toy she is. When she is not behaving we remind her of Wanda stars and she totally changes her behavior.

  3. Gary

    My daughter has been begging to get this pig, I got it for her and she immediately used it like crazy! She would behave so well and then asked for wiggy points. I would suggest buying it, but a warning you might be broke afterwords!

  4. Sunper Belay

    My daughter really wants a piggy I don’t like how expensive it is so I feel bad for her but I’m not getting her one

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